Calima Eco GmbH

Our Team

Our team consists of four experts in the paper and packaging industry - with an average of 18 years of business experience in Europe, the USA and Latin America.

Filip Vidovic

• Filip Vidovic has been leading the sales in Europe, and he has started three entrepreneurial ventures in Germany, been the last one CALIMA GmbH.

• He worked in the research and development of the CALIMA CUPBOARD using it as cup stock and flow-pack in close collaboration with German scientists and convertors in Germany, Poland, Italy, and Turkey. The project included laminating TREE-FREE boxboard and lighter papers with bioplastics.

• The compostability process was certified in a home composting bin environment at the University of Vienna, Austria, CALIMA CUPBOARD cup composability in 5 weeks, a great record.

• He also Identified customers for TREE-FREE papers and CALIMA CUPBOARD, in nine European countries.

• Filip graduated from Markets and Investment at College of Business, Hamburg, and has an MBA at the University of Cologne, with major in General Management, Finance, and Controlling.

Christoph H. Thome

• Christoph is the co-founder and CEO of CALIMA GmbH. He thought the opportunity to use this unique TREE-FREE Unbleached paper in 2013 and was instrumental in all the work CALIMA has done to bring environmentally friendly solutions to the market.

• Certified Executive in Wholesale and International Trade at Mannesmann Handel AG, Düsseldorf, Germany.

• He has a Bachelor in Arts, magna cum laude of Florida Atlantic University, major in International Business and Finance with a scholarship and an MBA at the University of Cologne, with major in Finance and Controlling. 

Jorge Herrera

• Jorge has been an entrepreneur all his life with 29 years’ experience. He came to help in CALIMA in 2014 as a partner and has been providing great information and ideas to continue the development of the environmental venture. He has startups in the Paper, Food and Plastics industries with operations in Venezuela, the US and Colombia.

• He has promoted CALIMA within the objective to develop the compostable value-added businesses in Europe.

• Certified in Management and Leadership in a joint program of IESA of Venezuela and Universidad de Los Andes de Colombia, also in Sales Management, finance for no Financial and Sales Professional at the EISA of Venezuela, and in Finances of the INCAE of Venezuela. 

Alejandro Carvajal

• Alejandro has been an entrepreneur within the corporate world and is now focused on CALIMA new products developed using the TREE-FREE Unbleached paper. He has experience leading logistics teams, controlling and as General Manager.

• Within his more valuable assets is to design sustainable strategies with creativity and innovation, and optimizing companies, finding efficiencies and excellent results in the extended supply chain with collaborative negotiations.

• He was the leader of the CALIMA NATURAL NOTEBOOK project, a high-end product in the stationary segment with an environmental ingredient missing on today’s market solutions.